There are mainly three ways to import contacts to the ShoutOUT platform.

  • Upload an Excel or CSV file

  • Create the person manually

  • API Integration with your application

Upload an Excel or CSV

To upload contacts through a CSV or an Excel file, first, click the “Import People” icon in the top right upper corner.

Then you will be directed to the Import People window, where you can upload your CSV or the Excel file to the platform.

And please make sure that your CSV file is in line with the format mentioned. (Name, Email, Mobile number). And note all three columns are not compulsory, you can go ahead with only one (Ex- Only mobile numbers)

Once you select the files and upload them to the platform the next step is to map the attributes.

Here you can map your attributes to the ShoutOUT attributes. For example, your emails as “Emails”, mobile numbers as “Mobile numbers” likewise;

If your fields are on the excel/CSV file, then do not match your attributes with ShoutOUT attributes, you can create a custom attribute and map.

In the next step,

  • Select the unique ID to uniquely identify the people.

  • You can add a tag that can be later used to add people to the same segment.

  • As the last step, you can create a segment based on the tag.

And then you can preview the summary before importing the contacts to the ShoutOUT platform.

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