Send SMS to a Group of Contacts

Every customer is not the same! ShoutOUT enables you to conduct specific campaigns for specific customer segments.

1st Way- Customer Segmentation when importing

Step 01- First, you have to click the People Tab and click people to upload your customer data via Excel or CSV.

Step 02- After importing your customer data file you can click ‘Next’ and map the attributes.

Step 03- Next, you can click the ‘Create Segment’ option and create a segment for those customers as per your need. You also create a tag for the specific segment.

Then your customer segment will be created as follows to import it to the ShoutOUT platform.

If you have already uploaded your customer database and created the segment in the “People Tab” you can simply select the segment you wish to conduct the campaigns and carry out with your campaign only to the selected segment.

Segments in the People Tab

As given in the diagram different segments can be created according to your different requirements.

2nd Way- Customer Segmentation for existing data

You could also filter the contacts using the filter option that would help you to manage your huge customer databases while conducting campaigns.

Step 01- Go to the ‘People Tab’ and click on the ‘Filter option’

Step 02- In the Filter option type the attribute name as per you need and click ‘add filter’.

Step 03- Then the relevant data will be filtered and you can select either ‘All’ or specific customers as per your requirement.

Step 04- After selecting the required data go to the create segment option and get your segment created.

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