Note - Make sure you have verified your email address with the ShoutOUT account


Step 1 - First, you need to create a ShoutOUT account for your company. Here is the link -

If you already have an account, login here, here is the link -

Step 2 - Once you login into your ShoutOUT account, click the “Products” tab in the toolbar in the left corner


Step 3 - Then click on the “Go to Lite” command that pops up.

Step 4 - Then you will be directed to the “Get started” Tab on the Lite page if you are a first-timer

Or else you will be directed to the main dashboard of ShoutOUT Lite 

If so, select “Verify Number” from the dropdown list in the “Get Started” tab.

Step 5 - Then you will have to complete two API calls to complete the integration, 

  1. Send the OTP code 
  2. Verify the code

Step 6 - You can simply copy paste these codes which are automatically configured to your system according to the details provided.

Then click the “Send Message” button.

Step 7 - Next, to verify the received OTP  code, provide the OTP code received to the mobile number and the reference id which was received in the previous API call response.

Feel free to contact us for any support! :